Ресторан с современным взглядом на гастрономические тенденции и осознанным выбором локальных производителей

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The "Horoshaya Devochka" in Kazan is a casual-dining restaurant of the Alba Group with an Italian flair and a fresh take on gastronomic trends.

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The restaurant has an image characterized by a thoughtful approach to gastronomy, a playful cocktail story, and an atmosphere that evokes the Italian world of Horoshaya Devochka.
Several ideas of the girl were embodied at once in the gastronomy history of the restaurant: her great journey through Italy and popular classics, diluted with fashion trends and an author's look.
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Kazan, MUSHTARI, 24
Kazan, MUSHTARI, 24

monday - sunday
09:00 AM - 00:00 AM



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